Cookie Policy


This website requires cookies to function correctly. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the device you are using to view the website when you access the website. The cookies are essential in the operation of the website as it allows the website to recognise your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions.

What are Cookies used for?

The main purposes of cookies used on websites are:

  • For technical purposes essential to effective operation of the website, particularly in relation to online transactions.
  • To enable the Dundee United Retail to collect analytics about technologies being used to access our website, browsing locations as well other information that will enable us to improve and optimise our website.
  • To enable the Dundee United Retail to collect information about the browsing and shopping habits and activities of customers, including to monitor the success of campaigns, competitions etc.
  • To identify the "Customer Journey", the trajectory of the customer form the moment of the first contact to the sale/use and possible repeated sale/use.

Anonymised Data

Our online store will also collect analytical anonymised data (data which is received but the user cannot be identified.) This data is purely for reporting purposes, such as:

  • Tracking Volume of traffic on our website;
  • Tracking geography of our customers;
  • Tracking Sales;
  • Tracking popular products;
  • Tracking traffic flow;

We cannot identify an individual with this information and is only used to help us improve our website and help us understand how our website is being used. However, you can disable Cookies within your browser settings if you do not wish this information to be shared with us.  

What happens if I don’t enable Cookies?

This depends on the type of cookie you disable, if you disable 3rd Party Cookies you will still be able to continue and purchase from our website, however, if you disable all cookies you will be unable to complete purchases on this website.