Published: 15th January 2021

The Dundee United Supporters Foundation (DUSF) hit 1000 sign-ups recently, but yesterday it saw it's newest members join.

Dundee United Chairman Mark Ogren, Vice-Chairman Scott Ogren, Sporting Director Tony Asghar and Manager Micky Mellon all became DUSF Members to help raise awareness for the organisation, who have worked in partnership with the Club to deliver several projects, as well as a donation of £100,000.

The DUSF’s working relationship with the Club has been strengthened during the past 10 months. This has been a difficult period with loss of significant revenue and increased costs due to testing amid the current pandemic and its newest members have called on Dundee United fans to support DUSF in their current aims and objectives.

Chairman Mark Ogren said, "I was pleased to sign up as a member and would ask all United fans to join me, Scott, Micky and Tony as members if possible.

"During the difficulties presented by the current pandemic, we have enjoyed a strong working relationship with the foundation and as a Club we see that partnership continuing to grow. Joining DUSF is a clear way that our fans can help secure the future continued growth of our football club.

Manager Micky Mellon said, "This is an additional avenue for fans to help assist the Club financially and as manager I embrace that. We know its a tough world out there just now and it is so disappointing that fans cannot be in the stadium with us but our fans support has been fantastic since I came to the Club and I'm sure they will embrace this opportunity to help the Club if they are able to."

Sporting Director Tony Asghar said, "We continue to work closely with DUSF in order to continue the growth of our football club beyond this current pandemic. It is difficult times for everyone just now but if we are all united in our aims for the Club we will not only get through the current challenges but also continue, together, the building of the club brick by brick for our long term success and sustainability."

The Foundation was formed in 2017 in order to provide an additional financial support to Dundee United FC as well as ensure that its members’ views are made known to the Club.

There are a range of pledge options, with Junior, Adult and ‘Your Choice’ memberships online here.