Homework Club

Our homework club project was piloted in February/March 2017 with Dens Road Primary School thanks to generous funding received by Al-Maktoum College Community Fund, through Foundation Scotland and with strong support received from Active Schools Dundee. 

Our homework club aims to use the environment of the football club to encourage engagement in
learning and to contribute to the following:


  • Improvement in literacy skills (achieved by writing match reports for example)
  • Improvement in numeracy skills (achieved by role-play activities in the “club shop” for example)
  • Enhanced knowledge and interest in health and well-being (Using footballers as positive role models)

Soft Skill development through the use of a non-traditional classroom setting combined with sport in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Team Work
  • Creativity

The project is measured using observations and a post-project worksheet to express perceived progress.

The 8 week programme is devised as follows:

Week 1 – Stadium Tour and Introduction                                


Week 2 – Match Reports (Literacy)      


Week 3 – Club Shop/Ticket Office (Numeracy)


Week 4 – Press Conference (Communication)    

Week 5 – Transfer Window (Numeracy)


Week 6 – Board Meeting (Communication)


Week 7 – Footballers’ Diet (Health and Well-Being)


Week 8  – Press Release


Each week the children also took part in football coaching sessions at the clubs’ GA Arena and one of the weeks received a terrific coaching session from two Dundee United FC starlets.


Evaluation and Future Plans

Our evaluation of the pilot considered input from the school teacher(s), school and family development worker, delivery staff as well as the children themselves.  Here is what they had to say:

“The impact in terms of the children’s attitude to learning and feeling
included within their community is noticeable. Some of the children as I
explained yesterday are living quite chaotic lives and would never
experience something like the sessions you are delivering so are making
lifetime memories. The make up of the children in this targeted P4 class is
diverse so the project has provided a level of equity for them in terms of
opportunity. In the class we have children who are looked after status,
living in the lower SIMD areas and experiencing deprivation and social
isolation.”  (D.G, School and Family Development Worker)

“I have really enjoyed this project because we have got the opportunity for this and I found it good that we got to do fun stuff like match reports and the tour” (N.S, P4 Pupil)

We are hoping to expand our homework club to engage 120 local pupils in 2017/2018 and will update on progress in due course.  For any information on the project please get in touch.